PivotSQL process

When working with large SQL datasets, it might be faster using PivotSQL process instead of Pivot one. PivotSQL utilizes your SQL database to aggregate result instead of looping and aggregating with PHP:

    ->query('select * from customer_product_dollarsales2')
    ->pipe(new \koolreport\pivot\processes\PivotSQL([
        "column" => "orderYear",
        "row" => "customerName",

It should be noted that PHP's session must be turned on at the beginning of your app or page for PivotSQL to work. The reason is because PivotSQL stores aggregated reults in session to save processing time:


Another note is that initially PivotSQL only aggregates data for the first row field and column field. Thus, if you have more than one row field or column field it's advisable to use PivotMatrix widget to show PivotSQL data:

        "id" => "pivotMatrix1",
        'dataSource' => $this->dataStore('pivotData'),

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