TName #

TName trait allows object to get or set name with name() method. The Dashboard and Widget are implemented this trait.


class MyClass
    use \koolreport\dashboard\TName;

$obj = new MyClass();
echo $obj->name();
// Output "MyClass"

$obj->name("this is my class");
echo $obj->name();
//Output "this is my class"

TProps #

TProps facilitate object to get/set property for an object.


// Example of using object with TProps trait


echo $object->hidden(); //true
echo $object->width(); //1/2
echo $object->cssClass(); //bold

Methods #

When TProps is implemented in an object, object has below methods

props(array $list)Set the properties available, $list is an associate array with name of property and its default value
props()arrayUsing props() without parameter will return the list of properties in associate array
hasProp(string $propName)Return true if the property is existed
removeProps(array $list)Remove some properties, for example ->removeProps(["width","height"])
getProp(string $name)mixedGet value of a property
extractProps(array $list)arrayGet list of some properties, for example ->extractProps(["width","height"])


use \koolreport\dashboard\TProps;
use \koolreport\dashboard\TConstructServices;

class MyClass
    use TProps;
    use TConstructServices;

    public function __construct()


$obj = new MyClass;


echo $obj->width(); //240
echo $obj->color(); //"blue"

echo $obj->getProp("width"); //240
echo json_encode ($object->extractProps(["width","height"])); // {"width":240,"height":360}

echo $obj->hasProp("width")?"yes":"no"; // "yes"

$object->removeProps(["width","height"]); // Now there is only "color" property

TAppLink trait contains app() function which allows get/set the application object. Dashboard, Widget, Request are implemented this trait.


$this->app(); //Get the app object

$this->app($app); //Set the app object

TDashboardLink trait contains dashboard() function which allows get/set the dashboard object. Widget is implemented this trait.


$this->dashboard(); //Get the dashboard object

$this->dashboard($dashboard); //Set the dashboard object

TWidgetLink trait contains widget() function which allows get/set the widget object. Field is implemented this trait.


$this->widget(); //Get the widget object

$this->widget($widget); //Set the dashboard object

TParams #

TParams provides params() method to object. Dashboard and Widget are implemented this trait.


//Set parameters

$this->params(); //Get all params

$this->params("year"); // Get only year parameter

TEnabledPermit #

TEnabledPermit provides methods enabled() and enabledWhen() method to object. Dashboard, Widget and Field are implemented this trait.

enabled() #

Get or set the availability of object


$this->enabled(false); // Disable the object

// Set by function
$this->enabled(function($request) {
    return $request->user()->hasRole("admin");

// Get status
$enabled = $this->enabled();

enabledWhen() #

If your application is provided with Permit object then you can use enabledWhen()



//The "beAdmin" is define like this

class Permit extends \koolreport\dashboard\Permit
    protected function beAdmin($request, $sender)
        return $request->user()->hasRole("admin");

//The Permit will be provided to Application like this:

class App extends \koolreport\dashboard\Application
    protected function permission()
        return Permit::create();

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