ChartJs is alternative library to Google Charts. ChartJs can be used offline meaning your users do not need to be online to see charts. ChartJs library is great when you want to build intranet dashboard application.

Common settings #

dataSourcemixedGet/set the datasource of chart
fieldsarrayGet/set list of fields for chart
titletextGet/set title of chart
backgroundOpacityfloat0.5Get/set opacity level of item on the chart
pluginsarrayGet/set list plugins for Chartjs, here are the list of plugins
optionsarrayGet/set extra options for charts
colorSchemearrayGet/set list of colors for chart

Traits #

ChartJs has been provided with following traits:

  1. TAppLink: Able to refer to application with app() method
  2. TDashboadLink: Able to refer to parent dashboard with dashboard() method
  3. TEnabledPermit: Use enabled() and enabledWhen() to set permission
  4. TParams: Able to get/set parameters with params() method
  5. TWidgetState: Able to get/set persisted state for widget
  6. TParamsPersisted: Able to make params set to widget persisted
  7. TDataSource: Able to receive datasource via dataSource() method
  8. TDetailAction: Able to open detail modal
  9. TExportable: Able to export widget to different formats

Available charts #

BarChart #

ColumnChart #

LineChart #

AreaChart #

PieChart #

DonutChart #

PolarChart #

RadarChart #

ScatterChart #

BubbleChart #

ComboChart #

Timeline #

Actions #

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