Server Requirement #

The KoolReport framework requires PHP 5.4 or above. We highly recommend to use latest PHP 7.x version. With the latest PHP version, you will be benefited with report performance boosted and better syntax.

Manually Download #

KoolReport comes in two forms of download that you may choose from. The KoolReport distributed version contains solely the core library while the KoolReport & Examples distributed version contains both library and examples.

Please go to our Getting Started page to download.

Via Composer #

You may install KoolReport via Composer by following command:

composer require koolreport/core

*Recommended: Watch our video Get Started With KoolReport

Running Examples #

Manual Download #

KoolReport & Examples contains both core library and series of examples for you to start with. Those examples are ready to run, please unzip the downloaded package to your htdocs like this:

├── testing
│   ├── koolreport
│   └── examples

Then you can view the examples by accessing:


Via GitHub #

Alternatively, you can clone or download our examples at

Note: Please change the koolreport's library path at examples/load.koolreport.php so that the examples can load KoolReport to run.

Get started with KoolReport

KoolReport will help you to construct good php data report by gathering your data from multiple sources, transforming them into valuable insights, and finally visualizing them in stunning charts and graphs.