KoolReport and Symfony

Overview #

KoolReport works great with Symfony Framework like any other PHP MVC Framework.

Guide #

We have created Symfony-Example Repository to demonstrate our tutorial.

Install KoolReport #

Adding koolreport/core into your composer.json


and run

composer update

Now KoolReport is available in your Symfony application.

Create your report #

  1. Under src folder, you create folder Reports to hold reports
  2. Inside Reports folder, you create MyReport.php and MyReport.view.php, please view our code in above repository.
  3. Make the MyReport class under namespace App\Reports

Render report #

Now in your controller's action, you can render report like this:

    * @Route("/site/report")
    public function report()
        $report =  new \App\Reports\MyReport;
        return new Response($report->run()->render());

or if you want to render report inside twig template you can do:

    * @Route("/site/reportwithtemplate")
    public function template()
        $report =  new \App\Reports\MyReport;
        return $this->render('report.html.twig', [
            'myreport' =>$report->run()->render(true)

and here is the content of your twig template:

        <title>Render KoolReport inside Twig Template</title>
        <h1>Render KoolReport inside Twig Template</h1>

Now if you run




you will see your report!

Summary #

In this tutorial, we have shown how to use KoolReport inside Symfony web application. You can render report directly or use wit twig template. Hope that this tutorial helps you to get started faster with KoolReport.

Happy reporting!

Get started with KoolReport

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