Chart Table

koolreport/charttable is package to show in both chart and table together.

Installation #

  1. Download and unzip the zipped file.
  2. Copy the folder charttable into koolreport folder
  3. Reference to the ChartTable widget by the classname\koolreport\charttable\ChartTable

Requirement #

Since version 1.1.0, ChartTable no longer requires the Inputs, DataGrid, or Chartjs packages to be installed as well.

Usage #

ChartTable #

To use ChartTable you only need to define its dataSource property.

    "name" => "charttable1",
    "dataSource" => $this->dataStore('myDatastore')

Properties #

namestringOptional. You can set the name for your charttable if you want to refer to the table later on at client-side. If you don't set we will set random name for table
dataSourceDataStoreSpecify a dataStore, an array or a function that data table will get data from
columnsArrayOptional. Set charttable's columns instead of using its datastore's columns
optionsArrayOptional. Set charttable's DataTables object's options

Support #

Please use our forum if you need support, by this way other people can benefit as well. If the support request need privacy, you may send email to us at

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