DrillDown Package

Overview #

DrillDown is a powerful report type in data analysis. It allows your data to summarize in highest level then break down to smaller one. All level break-down data can be visualized in charts or tables for your better understanding of data.

This package contains 3 different widgets: DrillDown, CustomDrillDown and MultiView.

Note: We have another LegacyDrillDown which is the old version of DrlllDown. We have re-worked on the DrillDown to make it better and more flexible. So if you the old drilldown, please rename your DrillDown to LegacyDrillDown, everything will works as before.

Installation #

  1. Unzip drilldown.zip
  2. Copy drilldown folder into koolreport\packages
  3. All done! Now you can use the package in your report.