Overview #

Dashboard package itself is an framework to create dashboard. It contains a sleek design of modern dashboard, strong data handling and myriad of types of data visualization.

Demo #

We have created a small dashboard based on Dashboard Framework to demonstrate the its capability as well as to act as source of sample code for you to start with.

Demo: https://www.koolreport.com/dashboard/demo/

Github: https://github.com/koolreport/dashboard-demo

Purpose of creation #

Listening to our customer's demand always our key to our new products and the beginning of Dashboard is not different. Through years of supporting KoolReport framework, we realize a large number of users want to use KoolReport to create business reporting center, a dashboard to summarize business information representing with chart and graphs. Although KoolReport and KoolReport Pro provide a very good foundation and materials to generate good dashboard, users still encounter following issues:

  1. How to design a dashboard with menu and content
  2. How to put KoolReport widgets together to make good dashboard.
  3. How to make dashboard authentication and authorization.
  4. Trouble with building dynamic dashboards.
  5. How to make sleek single-page design.
  6. Trouble with client side technology like CSS and JS.

So Dashboard is born aiming at solving above issues with:

  1. Built-in authentication
  2. From dashboard to field authorization
  3. Work with MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite
  4. Support data from CSV, Excel files
  5. Data Caching at application level
  6. Multi-languages supported
  7. Multi-theme supported
  8. Single page app with full AJAX
  9. Widget lazy loading supported
  10. Three levels organized menus
  11. Working inside other frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii2, Symfony


Is dashboard a part of KoolReport? #

Yes and No. Yes because it can be considered a package add-on to KoolReport. And No because it is built on top of KoolReport Pro utilizing all existed features of other package to make a new framework solely for purpose of creating data dashboard.

Dashboard package is not included into KoolReport Pro, rather it is additional/optional package to purchase with KoolReport Pro.

What are Differences between Dashboard and KoolReport? #

While KoolReport serve wider range of reporting purposes, Dashboard serve a single purpose of creating online dashboard. Dashboard is built on top of KoolReport, containing various features that KoolReport is lack of, such as authentication, authorization, menus and so on.

What is roadmap of dashboard? #

In the future we would like to do:

  1. Bring in more types of visualization
  2. Bring in more themes
  3. Add more types of supported databases like amazon Redshift, google Datastore and so on.
  4. Support single sign-on

Get started with KoolReport

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