Change Log

Version 7.9.1 #

  1. Add: "bs5" themeBase when using with Bootstrap 5
  2. Fix: eval bug when column formatValue is a Math formula string

Version 7.9.0 #

  1. Add: clientRowSpan property to work together with clientRowGroup one.
  2. Fix: Remove inline css styles if they are empty to avoid Content Security Policy against XSS and Inline Styles.
  3. Fix: column sorting icons in bs4.

Version 7.8.0 #

  1. Add: ability to load unminified js and css main and plugin files with property "unminifiedJs" and "unminifiedCss" properties.
  2. Add: ability to load custom css files.
  3. Fix: dynamic warning in PHP 8.2.

Version 7.7.0 #

  1. Fix: reset rows when searching while there're collapse row groups.
  2. Add "complexHeaderLabels" property to create complex (merged) headers using column labels instead of column key.

Version 7.6.0 #

  1. Add: "smart" searchMode which uses DataTables' default smart search beside "or|and" regular expression search.
  2. Change: make "smart" searchMode default.

Version 7.5.0 #

  1. Add: column's aggregates meta for multiple columns, operators to show in footer. Works even when "serverSide" => true.
  2. Add: serverSideInstantSearch property to force instant search when "serverSide" => true.
  3. Change: clientRowGroup to work when "serverSide" => true.
  4. Change: column's footer meta to work when "serverSide" => true.
  5. Change: column's orderable meta to work when "serverSide" => true.
  6. Change: column's formatValue meta to work when "serverSide" => true.
  7. Fix: when there are multiple DataTables with "serverSide" => true.
  8. Add: cssStyle, similar to cssClass and attributes.
  9. Add: subproperties trJs and tdJs of cssClass, cssStyle, attributes for accessing client row data object when "fastRender" => true
  10. Add: overrideSearchInput property for some plugins like mark.js (highlighting input search) to work.
  11. Add: ability to load custom plugin js in either "DataTables" subdirectory or anywhere.
  12. Update DataTables' Bootstrap4 CSS for option "pagingType" => "input".

Version 7.0.0 #

  1. Make clientRowGroup's groups expand/collapse and show/hide states persistent across sorting, filtering.
  2. Add methods expandAllGroups, collapseAllGroups, toggleAllGroups, expandRowDetail, collapseRowDetail, toggleRowDetail, expandAllRowDetails, collapseAllRowDetails, toggleAllRowDetails for the js KR table object.
  3. Add property rowspan (alias removeDuplicate, groupCellsInColumns) to merge continuous cells with the same value for certain columns.
  4. Bug fixed: avg aggregate for clientRowGroup.
  5. Add ajaxUrl property for server side processing for use in Single Page App.

Version 6.0.0 #

  1. Update clientRowGroup to make child row group replace parent group names.
  2. Add FixedHeader plugin's css file by default to work in Laravel.
  3. Bug fix for FixedHeader plugin style in Bootstrap 4.
  4. Bug fix for argument row (use original datastore's row with all columns) in cssClass and attributes.
  5. Bug fix for scope when using serverSide = true.
  6. Add option for server side: only search searchable columns and order orderable ones.
  7. Add searchQuery property with "{datatables_search}" place holder to allow users to optimize server side searching.
  8. Add "exact", "and" modes to searchMode ("or|and|exact") for both server side and client side searching.
  9. Change search behavior, if serverSide = true, always search on enter.

Version 5.0.2 #

  1. Fix some resource files copying and loading when assets path and url are set.

Version 5.0.1 #

  1. Fix a bug when a column's formatValue is callable return a widget.

Version 5.0.0 #

  1. Add "clientRowGroup" property.
  2. Add "fastRender" property.
  3. Add "rowDetailData" property.
  4. Add a number of columnDefs' client options to columns' server options

Version 4.0.1 #

  1. Fix DataTables' bootstrap4 css and js.

Version 4.0.0 #

  1. Add "defaultPlugins" and "plugins" properties to load various DataTables' plugins.

Version 3.3.0 #

  1. Add client-side onBeforeInit event.

Version 3.2.1 #

  1. Fix server-side sorting bug
  2. Adding dutch (nl) localization for DataTables

Version 3.2.0 #

  1. Add callable "attributes" map for table, th, tf, tr, td elements in DataTables.
  2. Change serverSide's data rendering from using html comment to using custom tag.

Version 3.1.0 #

  1. Fix server side's request processing
  2. Update DataTables' client css, js and resources to latest version

Version 3.0.0 #

  1. Add ability to display complex headers
  2. Add option to only search when clicking enter
  3. Add searching mode to use OR operator when searching: searchOnEnter
  4. Make server side searching work similarly to client side one: searchMode

Version 2.5.1 #

  1. Fix the datatables css name

Version 2.5.0 #

  1. Fix the bs4 theme for DataTables
  2. Fix the onReady client event handler

Version 2.0.0 #

  1. DataTables: Support bootstrap 4

Version 1.5.0 #

  1. Update footer formatValue
  2. Use Utility::jsonEncode() to enable writing anonymous js function in options
  3. Add data-order and data-search to DataTables' columns setting like this: 'columns' => [
     'customerName' => [
         'data-order' => 'customerNumber',
         'data-search' => 'customerFullName',


Version 1.2.0 #

  1. DataTables: Add: cssClass option for table, th, tr, td, tf.
  2. DataTables: Fix: tfooter -> tfoot.
  3. DataTables: Fix: clientEvents like "select" not run.

Version 1.1.0 #

  1. DataTables:Remove dataStore and use the default dataSource/dataStore f1m Widget
  2. DataTables: Adding formatValue capability
  3. Improve the client library loading.

Version 1.0.0 #

  1. Adding DataTables widget.

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