Requirements #

KoolReport Dashboard has a few requirements that you need to know before installing:

  1. PHP >= 7.0

Browser Support #

KoolReport Dashboard supports reasonably recent versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

Install via manual download #

  1. Download zip file from My Licenses
  2. Unzip
  3. Copy the directory codegen into your web server's root directory
  4. Set sub directory codegen/public to be accessible for web users
  5. Set sub directory codegen/tmp to be accessible for local web users
├── codegen
│    ├── public

Configuration #

Set the following variables in the file codegen/src/config.php:

  1. Set $loadKoolReportPath for a path to KoolReport Pro installation's autoload.php
  2. Set $tmpReportUrl for a url that points to web sub directory codegen/tmp
  3. Set $builtPhpMethodForPreview for a raw or safe mode when building temporary reports from client uploaded PHP code.
  4. Set $builtPhpMethodForSave for a raw or safe mode when saving reports from client uploaded PHP code

safe mode is safe but limited to only accepting mostly PHP arrays. raw mode is flexible and accepts all PHP codes but dangerous if not being careful.

Code distribution #

KoolReport Dashboard's license does not allow the public distribution of its source code. So, you may not build an application using Dashboard and distribute that application public via open source repository hosting platforms or any other code distribution platform.

If you would like to develop a third party package that augments KoolReport Dashboard's functionality, you are free to do so. However, you may not distribute the Dashboard source code along with your package.

Get started with KoolReport

KoolReport will help you to construct good php data report by gathering your data from multiple sources, transforming them into valuable insights, and finally visualizing them in stunning charts and graphs.