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A new Christmas Holiday is coming. We wish you health and happiness on these last days of 2018, finishing all last works and enjoying time beside your loved ones. The 2019 will continue to be your year with full of joy and success!

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Our Story

KoolReport started as our internal project to standardize our report construction and growing to a strong framework for reporting. The strengths of KoolReport are its light-weight, speed, features extensibility and ability to integrate seamlessly into other PHP Frameworks.

We have put the first line of code in Jan 2017. Previously we have made thousand of reports for our customers. We saw the repeated tasks and common issues in making reports. That leads us to the thought of making a framework so that we could save time on repeated tasks and eliminate common issues.

Moreover, by having a standard framework for reports of all projects, we are able to manage code easier than before. Previously, each project followed different code patterns which make the took-over developer difficult to understand, fix code and develop further. But now, all reporting project follows the same pattern of code, the hand-over task become lesser and the documentation tasks are easier.

Take off

The KoolReport was first created solely for purpose of internal usage but we published it on GitHub and announced to KoolPHP users. Since then, we were very happy that KoolReport received very good feedbacks from thousand developers all over the world. Those are our great momentum to develop KoolReport further, adding more and more useful packages around it.

Until this time, we must say that KoolReport has become one of the top reporting framework or reporting tools. You may try to search google for “php report”, “php reporting tools” or “php reporting framework”, you may see us on top. That makes us very proud!

The concept of KoolReport is very simple, data is pulled from various data-sources, piped through series of processes then later saved to data store ready to be visualized. In the first phase, data connection, we provide PDODataSource as the main connectors to most common databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc. In the second phase. data processing, we provided over 30+ type of processes which you can use to transform your data. In the last phase, data visualization, Google Charts was chosen as our built-in charts library because of its power and the abundant of charts type.

KoolReport remains free and open-sources forever under MIT license which virtually does not bind you with any obligation when use KoolReport. You can download it, tweak it, use it, deliver it freely.

Around KoolReport core, we built a number of extended packages to extend its capability. A half of them are free for you use to just register and download. Some of them come with a tiny price, you consider the license purchasing as your donation to keep project going. We want KoolReport to go far so we need your help to fund the development and support.

KoolReport Pro

There is a special version of KoolReport called KoolReport Pro. This is an advanced version of KoolReport in which we combined KoolReport with all available extensions into single build. The compatibility between the core and extensions are guaranteed. We provide Developer License and Enterprise License for KoolReport Pro. Developer License is for individual who use KoolReport Pro to create reports for personal usage or for clients. Enterprise License is for company which allows any developers within company can use KoolReport. Both of licenses comes with Priority Support and Free Upgrade privilege. Within a year, you will get support from our software engineer and data specialist to utilize the power of KoolReport Pro. And with the Free Upgrade privilege, you are free to download the latest library update with new features and new packages. Check out our KoolReport Pro if you are interested.

Get Started

To get started with KoolReport, please go ahead to our website and download the latest version of KoolReport. You may download, unzip and copy KoolReport folder into your web app or your can use Composer to install library. It is convenient in both ways.

We provide number of examples for you to start with. You may find the source code of all examples in the KoolReport & Examples version that you downloaded.

Remember to join our forum. There you can find all most all answers for your questions. If not, just simply create a new topic with your question, our support team will point you to the right direction. Or if you feel more convenient with Facebook, we have a group on Facebook that you can join and start discussing. Here is the group: KoolReport - The PHP Reporting Framework. Join us!


  1. Our website - Where all things begin.
  2. Forum - You may find all Q&A in here
  3. Examples & Demo - Over 100+ examples to demonstrate how KoolReport works
  4. Documentation - Documentation & API
  5. Blogs - This will keep you update of KoolReport releases, new packages, promotion & more.
  6. Github - You may clone or fork our project to play with it.
  7. Twitter - If you use Twitter, follow us to keep updated.
  8. Facebook Page - If you use Facebook, follow us to keep updated.
  9. Facebook Group - Keep update faster and interact with other members

Thank you very much and if you have any question, please let us know.

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Cyber Monday

Enjoy & Have A Great Day!

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To celebrate the release of new version, we would like to offer 15% DISCOUNT For All KoolReport Pro Licenses. The promotion starts today and will last for a week until 26th July, 2018. Seize the chance!

Create execllent data reports with KoolReport Pro

KoolReport Pro

KoolReport Pro is an advanced solution to make data report or dynamic dashboard in PHP. Building on top of the core, KoolReport Pro is powered by various extended packages that make it features rich, capable of handling almost all reporting tasks such as data processing, data analysis, visualization, exporting and more.

Let Your Data Speak

Data visualization is one of the most important factors to make a successful report. Intuitive charts or graphs will let your data communicate. KoolReport Pro provides you many chart types to choose, from the basic ones like PieChart, BarChart, LineChart to the advanced ones like GeoChart, Histogram, GranttChart and more. Those charts are from the best chart libraries in the world which we can name some such as Google Charts, ChartJS or Morris, all are unified in the same settings so you can switch between them in a flash of second.

Data Processing Power

KoolReport Pro is able to deal with your complex data and ultimately turn them into useful information. You need to summarize data in pivot table? Need calculate statistics or perform regression? All can be done with KoolReport Pro.

Simple, Fast and Extensible

Designed to be simple and easy to use, KoolReport only take you 10 minutes to install the framework and create the first report. It is very fast and able to handle large amount of data. Furthermore with plug-and-play structures, KoolReport is designed with high stress on ability to scale and extend functionality.

Work Seamlessly With Other Frameworks

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We want KoolReport to go far so we designed it since the beginning to work well with its big framework brothers such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony and others.

Why Should I Get KoolReport Pro?

Beside all great features of KoolReport Pro, you also get the following:

  1. Full Source Code for customization
  2. One(1) year of Priority Support from data and software experts
  3. One(1) year of Free Upgrade
  4. One(1) year to get new commercial packages free
  5. Right to distribute to unlimited clients
  6. 50% OFF when renewing license
  7. Fully refund if things go wrong

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KoolReport helps to analyze your data and ultimately turn them into visual reports or dynamic dashboards.

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