Learn about the team, the reason we started and our vision for future.


KoolReport's first draw of design was on the first day of 2017.

The idea of creating KoolReport was originated from one of our product called KoolPivotTable. KoolPivotTable is a great PHP UI product, easily and fast summarizing data and producing Excel-like pivot table.

KoolReport is also summarization of our many-year experiences in creating reports and we hope that it can save you tons of time in building your.


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"

African Proverb

We have learned above statement through years of software development. We choose open-source as software model for KoolReport because we understand that:

  • Alone, we never keep up with all time-changing needs
  • Alone, we never have enough man power to serve well.

That's why we designed KoolReport to be simple and extensible. Simple to use and extensible for change. We would like to grow it to be a solid framework supported by market of packages providing various datasources, data processes, visualization widgets and report templates where users can find solution right away.

KoolReport wants to be foundation or ecosystem connecting people who need reporting solution and those who can provide it. All are invited to join us on market to provide excellent solutions. We believe people willing to pay for a good solution. And we are happy to share market and profit.

Vision are big, we take the first step. Join us and together we can reach there.


Below are things that we will do:

  1. Evolve the structure of KoolReport and its functionalities
  2. Build market to push
    • Connection to various datasources
    • Data processing which focuses on data cleansing, data analytics, data mining technique
    • More widgets to visualize data
    • Ready-to-use report type
  3. Build GUI for non-technical users
  4. Build ecosystem to handle big data

About us

Founded in April 2008, KoolPHP Inc is a vendor of PHP components.

We focus on building the featured-rich and easy-to-use components to help developers increase productivity and deliver highest quality applications within time and budget constraints.

We want to become a leading Vendor of PHP Components, providing industry-excellent products and support to customers.