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KoolReport Pro 2022 - Free yourself from hassle. Focus on what matters!

The new KoolReport Pro is designed to power data reporting in every PHP application. Possessing a strong core together with 20+ add-on packages, KoolReport Pro will help to create well-organized and reusable reports, saving you tons of development’s time.

There is nowhere found a development’s suite providing the most complete reporting features such as PHP pivot table with drag-n-drop interface, drilldown report, ad-hoc reports with abundant types of charts and graphs and the ability to export data to PDF, Excel etc.

Owning KoolReport Pro license, you not only have a powerful reporting framework but also accessing our priority support by experienced data engineers and data experts. We will guide you in detail to make great data reports, dashboard and even big business intelligence centers.

KoolReport Pro is worth being your companion in every PHP application. Invest in this powerful library to win big projects this year.

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Merry Christmas with the best gift 40% discount

The best gift you could give yourself this festive season - save your time and effort in any reporting tasks of next year - Merry Christmas!

KoolRport Pro is a compatible, powerful yet easy-to-use framework to construct the excellent data reports, KPI dashboards or even a big BI center.

  1. Compatible with PHP7.0 to latest, all MVC frameworks and modern CI/CD.
  2. Connect to various datasources
  3. Myriad of built-in data processes to transform your data from raw to the meaningful information
  4. Beautiful Visualization with Google Charts, ChartJs, D3 etc.
  5. Best looking report with Bootstrap.

When you own KoolReport Pro, you will

  1. Have full source-code to learn, debug and even customize to your own need.
  2. Be able to create Unlimited reports in Unlimited projects and run on Unlimited servers.
  3. Access to priority support with experienced software engineers and data experts.
  4. Get the free upgrade frequently.

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We are looking forward to serving you.

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Why's so hassle to create KPI dashboard?

It should be fun and easy to build. In KooPHP inc, we always keep in mind one thing "Developer must be happy!" because only when happy, he can build the whole world.

php dashboard open source

It sounds a bit exaggerated but it is true that if we want to build something bigger, we need to free our mind from hassle and focus strongly on main things.

Building a dashboard is not an exception. While what we should focus on is the content of dashboard such as "how data is available and organized?" "what chart types should be used to maximize user's understanding of data?", those tedious tasks like creating user login form, building menus, authorization, CSS styling keep eroding our energy. Sadly, those tedious tasks are essential and we can not escape from.

Understanding the pain, we built a solution called Dashboard Framework. The framework handles for you all those hassle tasks and let you concentrate on what really matter. Some of its features are:

  1. Built-in authentication
  2. Allow authorization from application to data field
  3. Work with MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite
  4. Support data from CSV, Excel files
  5. Support Data Caching at widget level
  6. Support multi-languages
  7. Support Multi-themes
  8. Beautiful single page application
  9. Support lazy loading for widgets
  10. Flexible three levels organized menus
  11. Work with other frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii2, Symfony

Phew! That's a lot of listings but those are not all. So you see, when you own a framework like this, why hassle can bother you from building great dashboard system for yourself or for your clients. Saving tons of time & efforts, keeping you focus on the importance, making you more productive, helping to serve more clients and bringing you more income eventually. If you feel our words unbelievable, let see its beauty and simplicity from the links below.

To see how beautiful it is, view our demo!

To see how simple it is, view dashboard source-code on Github!

Dashboard Framework will be your shortcut into the world of modern data reporting. With all of its benefits, we hope to have chance to serve you as our customer.


Looking forward to serving you.

<3 KoolReport Team

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Building great data reports has never been easier using KoolReport Pro. Equipped with more than 20 packages, KoolReport Pro powers your creativity to make stunning data reports and dashboard. We are currently offering special 20% DISCOUNT for both Developer License and Enterprise License. This promotion will last until the end of this month, 30th Sept. HURRY UP!

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Stunning Data Reports Made Easy! 20% OFF For KoolReport Pro

Building great data reports has never been easier with KoolReport Pro. Equipped with all commercial packages, KoolReport Pro will power your creativity to make stunning reports and dashboards.

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On this occasion, we offer a special discount 20% for both Developer License and Enterprise License. This promotion will last until 31st AUGUST, 2019.


If you have any question regarding our promotion or features of KoolReport Pro, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to serving you as our customer.

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KoolReport helps to analyze your data and ultimately turn them into visual reports or dynamic dashboards.

"KoolReport helps me very much in creating data report for my corporate! Keep up your good work!"

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"The first use of your product. I was impressed by its easiness and powerfulness. This product is a great product and amazing."

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"Fantastic framework for reporting!"

Greg Schneider
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