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Forbidden 403 - Subreport - CodeIgniter #875

Closed Giselle Machado opened this topic on on May 16 - 2 comments

Giselle Machado commented on May 16

Hi, I'm using CodeIgniter (hook) and SubReport to make my reports in a new version of a tool in my job. The KoolReport version that I'm using is 3.25.3. I'm using modules structure, so, all the KoolReport files are together and separated from the original system. So, how can I solve the problem with the SubReport and the CodeIgniter? All the access using Friendship and koolreport_assets are working. The online thing that isn't working is the Ajax. How can I solve it?

Giselle Machado commented on May 16

Giselle Machado commented on May 16

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