Make KoolReport work seamlessly with CodeIgniter Framework


CodeIgniter is without doubt one of the most powerful PHP Framework. it is built with small foot print, simple with ability to create full-featured web applications.

Since we created KoolReport we received many questions like "How to use KoolReport in CodeIgniter?". The answer is KoolReport was designed to work with any PHP Frameworks and CodeIgniter is one of them. The setting to make them work together is simple but we want to make things simpler.

So we created this CodeIgniter package, an extension to let KooLReport work seamlessly inside CodeIgniter environment and providing powerful reporting capability for your CI application. This package will help us to

  1. Access CodeIgniter database in report created with Koolreport
  2. Automatically publish report resources to CodeIgniter's assets folder

All with a simple line of code

use \koolreport\codeigniter\Friendship;


The details of how to install and how to use Laravel package can be found at our documentation.


The package is released under MIT License which is free and can be use in any of your purpose. It is also pre installed inside KoolReport Pro package.

User Reviews
on Jan 15, 2019

Thank you! CodeIgniter package is working well.

Murugappan Ramanathan
on Mar 19

I am sorry, this help is really of no use to a person who wants to buy and use koolreport in Codeigniter for the first time. I have downloaded so many times and tried so many posts in the forum and got nowhere. All I get in the end is this rubbish: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type: Exception Message: Report's assets folder not existed Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\cikoolreport\application\libraries\koolreport\core\src\core\ResourceManager.php Line Number: 134 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I dont understand this "greek". There should be one full installation guide and example to test for Codeigniter. A proven working one too. Reportico failed too. Now this one too have failed. For your information, many business solution developers here have decided dumped the software because of this. As you have said "CodeIgniter is without doubt one of the most powerful PHP Framework." Then provide a full version that works. I am yet to see one that actually works straight without all the hassle. Its enough that we have tough time ploughing are the incomplete guides of the core software, we sure can do without additional integration pains. Failure to understand the business solution developer is main theme of the day of the such components. Sigh!