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Numbers with commas not allowed in sum footer. #3313

Open iWorQ Systems opened this topic on on Jul 2 - 1 comments

iWorQ Systems commented on Jul 2

We are having an issue when a number comes in formatted with commas ex: 2,500 to be in the footer as a sum value.

when we do the sum it is getting the error

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /iworq/iworq/vendor/koolreport/core/src/core/DataStore.php on line 564

I have a band aid fix of doing

     * Return the sum of a field
     * Examples: $totalSales = $dataStore->sum("saleAmount");
     * @param string $colName Name of column you want to sum
     * @return float Sum of column
    public function sum($colName)
        $sum = 0;
        foreach ($this->rows as $row) {
                $sum += (int) str_replace(',', '', $row[$colName]);
            } else {
                $sum += $row[$colName];
        return $sum;

But we update our composer often and was wondering if we could get a more permanent fix to this. Thanks

Sebastian Morales commented on Jul 3

Another solution is to converting the column value from string to number in the report setup and set its meta's "decimalPoint" and "thousandSeparator" for formatted display instead:




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