Better way to display data in table format, search, sort, group data and more..


Table is always a indispensable elements in report or dashboard. Although KoolReport has built-in koolphp\Table which is very good to show and summarize data, DataGrid takes table into next levels with more advanced features such as searching, sorting, column reorder and many more.

If you are looking for better table version, DataGrid is your perfect choice.


The details of how to install and how to use Export package can be found at our documentation.


  1. The minimum settings of DataTables
  2. Table Paging
  3. Table Searching
  4. Table Sorting
  5. Column Reordering
  6. Very Large Table With Server Processing


The package can be purchased per project under Regular License or Extended License. The Regular License is for project of which users are not charged for. The Extended License is used for commercial project of which users are charged for.

The package is also available in the KoolReport Pro which contains all our packages and allow you to use in unlimited projects.

User Reviews
Rick Weiss
on Jan 26, 2018

I have been using DataTables for long time and quite familiar with its syntax but I really love what you do to that widget. Make it super easy to use and I really like the way it is setup and connect to database.