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Fast Render Destroys Grid/Table Responsiveness #2956

Open Tony Hartmann opened this topic on 5 days ago - 1 comments

Tony Hartmann commented 5 days ago

Hey Guys,

I just recognized that the fast render options destroys responsiveness when the screen/browser window is resized.

Also a recommendation: 1.) It would be cool if we can give the columns a priority. The moment the screen becomes to small to show all columns, the columns hide as starting with lowest priority.

2.) Each row could have a little icon ... if clicked a dialog box appears, showing all content (also hidden columns content) of the row.

3.) Alternatively another fix could be to "scroll left right" but have the table border etc. be pixel perfect in the view port

Any ideas?

Thanks Tony

Sebastian Morales commented 21 hours ago

Tony, have you tried to use the Responsive plugin? For example:

    "plugins" => array(*Responsive"),
    "options" => array(
        "responsive" => true,

Let us know if it works for you or not. Tks,

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