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Loader on datatable while data is being loaded from server #2731

Open DVBI opened this topic on on Jun 17 - 2 comments

DVBI commented on Jun 17

I am using serverside loading, but while my data is being loaded the datatable show blank screen, I want to place a loader animation there, I am not getting it from documentation, please suggest me how can I archieve this

DVBI commented on Jun 20

Hi Koolreport, Any suggestions on this topic?

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 20

Pls try this in your report view:

<div id="loading" style="display: none;">
    <img src="Loading_icon.gif" />
    <!-- <i class="krpmSpin fas fa-refresh fa-spin fa-3x fa-fw"></i> -->
   beforeSend: function() {
   complete: function() {

You can set CSS rule for the loading div so that its position is absolute and its width, height, top, left match your report area.

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