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Why can’t I find the example in the dashboard #2111

Open sacer opened this topic on on May 31 - 12 comments

sacer commented on May 31

Why can’t I find the example in the dashboard like this URL https://www.koolreport.com/examples/reports/datagrid/client_rowgroup/ and it seems that I can’t find the datagrid class

KoolReport commented on May 31

Inside your Koolreport pro download, there is a folder "examples" which you can find all examples, the same like the example we showing online. If you host this examples folder at localhost then the url of that example will be something like:

sacer commented on May 31

http://localhost/examples/reports/datagrid/client_rowgroup/ This example can't use in dashboard

KoolReport commented on May 31

Do you mean you want to use datagrid in our Dashboard Framework?

Please show me some code that you have worked on.

sacer commented on May 31

Why not provide the complete sample source code used in the dashboard? Like on your website https://www.koolreport.com/examples/reports/datagrid/client_rowgroup/

sacer commented on May 31

The examples you provide are different in in pro and in dashboard. I need the example of client_rowgroup in dashboard. Can you provide it?

KoolReport commented on May 31

The example showing client_rowgroup is the same, just that it is inside two different theme, the examples that you download is use "bootstrap4" and the one we used online is "amazing" theme. You have the amazing theme in package as well (located at koolreport/amazing" folder.

I would like to ask the "dashboard" you mention is our online examples or dashboard framework?

sacer commented on May 31

the "dashboard" is online examples

KoolReport commented on May 31

That's interesting that you want the template of online example, I will ask the dev.team if they can provide the source-code.

sacer commented on May 31

Thank you a lot

KoolReport commented on May 31

It seems the Karl has sent you example with "online example" template, please let us know if you have received.

Damien Monk commented on Jun 9

I need the code for the dashboard examples too like the way your demo site is setup to show how the dashboard works. I did pay for the dashboard and I can get it to work per the setup but I would gladly pay more if I can get the code that produces the dashboard like your demo site with koolreport examples inside the dashboard. I tried pulling from the github link but it seems to be missing the example structure files? maybe I did it wrong. I did try to follow the github setup steps and I can make dashboard work but only with no examples inside.

Damien Monk commented on Jun 9

i really think when you go through the steps here


when you clone the files in github its not the same code as the demo here


I really need access to the file structure of the demo to really understand all the examples using it?

when I inspect the code on the login of the https://www.koolreport.com/dashboard/demo/ i can see all the styling setup using amazing theme calls and that is not in the github clone files it seems.

It seems the demo site has much more configuration than the github files do.

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