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Fixed First Column #1994

Open Alex opened this topic on on Mar 25 - 3 comments

Alex commented on Mar 25


I see the ease to fix the header row, but I do not see any documentation to set a fixed column.

Does this exist?

KoolReport commented on Mar 25

If you want to have the fixed first column features, please use the DataTables widget from DataGrid packages.

Alex commented on Apr 26


I have reviewed the features of the Data Tables widget, but I do not see any documentation around "freezing" the first column. I see documentation around freezing the header row, which I included as a picture for reference, but nothing further.

Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks for your help!

This is where I have been reviewing:


Sebastian Morales commented on Apr 27

Pls check this example of fixed columns for DataTables in client side setting:


You could convert those options to PHP array and use them in DataTables widget like this:

    "options" => array(
        "scrollY" => "300px",
        "scrollX" => true,
        "scrollCollapse" => true,
        "paging" => false,
        "fixedColumns" => array(
            "leftColumns" => 1,
            "rightColumns" => 1

Let us know how it works for you. Tks,

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