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How do you hide a column in datatable ? #1449

Closed ankit raj opened this topic on on May 18 - 1 comments

ankit raj commented on May 18

I bring an extra column in my result array just for some meta data about the row to enable drilldown but i dont want that column to be rendered. how should i hide it? i have tried using columns =>array( .......,"selectedcolumn"=>array("visible"=>false) ) but it doesnt work.
Or is there a better way to pass meta-data for a column which is only used for hidden purposes like click events because even if you hide columns , it will leave vacant space in the UI.

David Winterburn commented on May 20

If you are using datagrid\DataTables this is a way to hide a column by its order:

    "columnDefs" => array(
        array("visible" => false, "targets" => [$colOrder])

Another method is assigning a css class for the column and set css rule display:none for that class: https://www.koolreport.com/docs/datagrid/datatables/#set-cutom-css-classes

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