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Data table click element drilldown #1444

Closed ankit raj opened this topic on on May 18 - 3 comments

ankit raj commented on May 18

Hello i have a datatable on which i am implementing a click event on any individual element of the table which will open a new popup based on the row/column from where it was clicked. how do i send a callback on click along with extra data which includes other column details of the same row,basically on every click i want to send the first column element to backend as identifier to drilldown?

ankit raj commented on May 18

So basically , I need to render a datatable and there should be a link on one of the columns on click of which i need to call a js function with the properties of the row clicked

KoolReport commented on May 18

You may use column formatValue to generate link, for example:

            "formatValue"=>function($value,$row) {
                return "<a href='javascript: myCustomFunction("+$row["customerNumber"]+")'>Action</a>";
ankit raj commented on May 21

Thanks a lot

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