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Real time Gauge update? #979

Open Nemecsek opened this topic on on Jul 11 - 2 comments

Nemecsek commented on Jul 11

Hi. I didn't find anywhere a reference to real time update (it is an obviously necessary feature for Gauges, for example). Is there an easy way to update the charts regularly, also using Javascript/Ajax? Thanks

KoolReport commented on Jul 15

You can use the SubReport feature to make Gauges chart update. Basically you create a report contain only the Gauges chart. In the main report, you add the sub report. At client-side of main report, you can update the subreport via subReport.update() command and the Gauges will update as well.

Nemecsek commented on Jul 16

It would be great to have an example of real time Gauge in the gallery, together with a real-time update of a LineChart. Thank you for your answer.

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