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Public Path working on local but not on production #978

Open Toby Beresford opened this topic on on Jul 8 - 6 comments

Toby Beresford commented on Jul 8

Hi guys

I can see the report working fine on local but on production koolreport for some reason is referencing the filesystem path rather than the http path to get the js assets.

Is this something you've seen before? - is there a configuration step I've missed?

See screenshots

Thanks for your help (again)


KoolReport commented on Jul 9

Are you using CodeIgniter?

Toby Beresford commented on Jul 9


KoolReport commented on Jul 11

Do you use the use \koolreport\laravel\Friendship; in your report?

Toby Beresford commented 7 days ago

I've added it in but it makes no difference. I am using blade for the reports.

Toby Beresford commented 3 days ago

Any further thoughts on this?

KoolReport commented 3 days ago

May be you try to set the assets settings manually to see how. Please refer to this topic on How to make KoolReport able to load widget resource?

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