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PDF Font Issue #976

Open Kasun Wijayamanna opened this topic on on Jul 5 - 8 comments

Kasun Wijayamanna commented on Jul 5

Hi team,

I have used Arial font to my PDF export function. It worked fine in local. But in Linux sever Pdf Font family does not accept any fonts. It takes default font only. Can you please advise how to use the font family in Linux PDF export. Thanks

KoolReport commented on Jul 5

It is because Linux may not have the fonts as your window so you may read some more here.

Kasun Wijayamanna commented on Jul 9

Thanks for your response and concern. I have been gathering the link which you have sent. I have Codeigniter project in CPANEL. I don't find the folder name usr/share/fonts in my Linux server. Can you please help me to how to install the font in Linux server. It's very emergency, please help as soon as possible team.

KoolReport commented on Jul 11

Are you using shared host

Kasun Wijayamanna commented on Jul 25

Hi Team,

No, We are not using any shared host.we have a dedicated server. it runs on centos 7. Can you please Help me to short out the issue as soon as possible.  I am not able to find this folder in my cpanel usr/share/fonts
KoolReport commented on Jul 25

If you could not find the folder usr/share/fonts, please try to create one to see how.

Kasun Wijayamanna commented on Jul 25

Sorry for asking, I don't have any ideas. Can you please advise where I have to create the folder. Within codeigniter project or some other place.

KoolReport commented on Jul 25

The folder "/usr/share/fonts" should be in root of your server, not in your app. This is totally not related to your codeigniter. The phatomjs use linux system font to generate pdf so you need to install font for centos. You may search this term "how to install fonts for centos".

Kasun Wijayamanna commented on Jul 25

We have installed fonts in server. It is showing the fonts when run fc-list.

However, the reports PDF download is not picking these fonts. I was going through the web about panthomjs issue with PDF fonts. In several posts it says this is a bug in the latest version. Do you have the linux old version (1.8) of panthomjs that we can copy to see if it works?

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