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MultiView with column disabled #971

Closed SOFMAN opened this topic on on Jul 4 - 5 comments

SOFMAN commented on Jul 4

I have the following graph where it shows me 'TOTAL NETO' and 'IVA' stacked. My question is: when I load the page initially I can leave 'IVA' disabled by default, as shown in the attached image.

KoolReport commented on Jul 6

I think it could be possible by using event of chartjs. I will need to consult dev.team and give you answer next week.

SOFMAN commented on Jul 23

When can you help me solve this problem?

SOFMAN commented on Aug 2

Please I need help, they told me a week and it's almost a month. If you can please answer the forum. Thank you.

KoolReport commented on Aug 5

Sorry for my late reply, please try this to see how.

SOFMAN commented on Aug 7

I cannot apply the code, the following error is displayed "mychart.getDatasetMeta is not a function", but I solved it with the following(in config).

"widget" => array(\koolreport\chartjs\BarChart::class, array(
     "name" => "mychart11",
     "columns" => array(
         "FORMA PAGO",
         "SUBTOTAL" => array(
             "label" => "TOTAL NETO",
             "type" => "number",
             "decimals" =>2,
              "prefix" => "$"
        "TOTAL IVA" => array(
            "label" => "IVA",
            "type" => "number",
            "decimals" => $numDecimalesTotales,
            "prefix" => "$",
            "config" => array(
            "hidden" => true,
"stacked" => true

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