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PDF split #963

Open Kasun Wijayamanna opened this topic on on Jul 3, 2019 - 13 comments

Kasun Wijayamanna commented on Jul 3, 2019

Hi team, I have tried create PDF using koolreport. I have faced the below issue .Please refer the screen shot.

Please advise how to avoid that splitting records in PDF.

KoolReport commented on Jul 3, 2019

The phantomjs does not support the split table so we have no solution except for you use our CloudExport package which internally use Headless Chrome. Although our chromeheadless.io is still in beta phase but it can be used.

Hana commented on Aug 30, 2019


I implemented cloudExport but a PDF with many records, server fails.

Is there a solution for this?

KoolReport commented on Sep 1, 2019

So it only happens if there are many records, doesn't it?

Hana commented on Sep 2, 2019

Hi, so is. Is there a solution for this?

David Winterburn commented on Sep 3, 2019

Hi Hana,

Would you please try cloud export with a table of 10 rows and let us know if it works for you? Thanks!

Hana commented on Sep 3, 2019

Hi with 10 rowsit works perfectly, but being more than a thousand rows the server fails. There was a situation with a 800 rows query and it failed but using the same code making another request with 900 rows it worked.

David Winterburn commented on Sep 4, 2019

Hi Hana,

The cloud export model is like this:

1. Your client/browser sends request to your server/localhost .
2. Your server/localhost sends request to cloud export server and wait for pdf file response.
3. Your server/localhost receives pdf file and sends it to you.

If your page is too large, cloud export server could need from 5-10 minutes to generate pdf file. If your server/localhost time out is less than that, it could not wait anymore and send a time out response to your client/browser. So please increase your server/localhost time out and test your table export again.

Hana commented on Sep 5, 2019

HI David I have a PDF with 11000 rows, and failed. It is error 502.

Is there a solution for this? Help me plis.

David Winterburn commented on Sep 9, 2019

Hi Hana,

We are adding a much faster PDF generating engine for cloud export, which should solve your problem of exporting large files in a limited time. It wouldn't have as many features as headless chrome but would support table split, page break, etc. We will let you know when it's available to run in the next 1 or 2 weeks.

SOFMAN commented on Jan 3, 2020

Hi, if a solution to the problem was implemented

David Winterburn commented on Jan 6, 2020


Do you mean pdf page break or faster pdf engine?

SOFMAN commented on Jan 6, 2020

To the page break

David Winterburn commented on Jan 7, 2020

If you are using Export package:


If you want page break inside a table, only cloud export supports this:


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