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Error after upgrade (pro 4.1.1) #949

Open Eo Yoonmin opened this topic on on Jun 27 - 5 comments

Eo Yoonmin commented on Jun 27

I upgraded the koolreport 4.1.1 file to the library folder as shown below, but I get an error. How do I fix it?

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning

Message: require(/~~~//libraries/koolreport/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Filename: sales/Rsalesbycustomer.php

Line Number: 3


File: /~~~/modules/stats/reports/sales/Rsalesbycustomer.php Line: 3 Function: _error_handler

File: /~~~/modules/stats/reports/sales/Rsalesbycustomer.php Line: 3 Function: require

File: /~~~/modules/stats/controllers/Salesbycustomer.php Line: 5 Function: require

File: /~~~/food/index.php Line: 317 Function: require_once

KoolReport commented on Jun 27

Please try to change library inclusion to below.

require_once "path/to/koolreport/core/autoload.php";
Eo Yoonmin commented on Jun 27

Well solved. Thank you. There is one more inquiry. I have been inquiring about "spout" the other day. I wonder if there is any future plan.


Jesus commented on Jul 5

It works thanks

David Winterburn commented on Jul 8

Hi Yoonmin,

Regarding using Spout for huge Excel files we do have plan to add it to the Excel package in the near future, in 1 to 2 months time. Thanks!

Eo Yoonmin commented on Jul 11

We appreciate your response and are really looking forward to the added functionality.

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