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AccumulativeColumn not working as expected in KoolRreport 4.x #916

Closed Keith Burke opened this topic on on Jun 10 - 4 comments

Keith Burke commented on Jun 10


In versions of KoolReport prior to 4, AccumulativeColumn worked as follows where the target was actually performed as a calculation.

        ->pipe(new AccumulativeColumn(array("Running Total"=>"Column1 - Column2")))

In version 4+, it appears that this calculation is not performed but assumes that 'Column1 - Column2' is the actual column name.

I got around this by performing the calculation in the SQL but it is a pain to refactor into many reports.

David Winterburn commented on Jun 11

Hi Keith,

I don't think there's any change for AccumulativeColumn process between version 3s and 4s of KoolReport. AccumulativeColumn has always only accumulated one column at a time. For multiple columns expression please use CalculatedColumn process first, then apply AccumulativeColumn later. Thanks!

Keith Burke commented on Jun 11

David, something has changed. Maybe the way you pass array data into AccumulativeColumn . It was working in KR3.x but not in 4.x. It's not a huge problem. I've worked around it already by doing the calculation in SQL but you guys did change something related.

David Winterburn commented on Jun 11

Hi Keith,

Would you mind posting your php code which works with version 3.x but not 4.x? Thanks!

Keith Burke commented on Jun 11

I'm struggling to retro change the fix I put in place. Let's just close this off.If I find the time to replicate, I'll come back with info.

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