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How to update to new 4.0 version? #913

Open Hassan Fawad opened this topic on on Jun 9, 2019 - 4 comments

Hassan Fawad commented on Jun 9, 2019

Hi, How can we update to latest version? Also in new update, there is card package for dashboard. is it free?

KoolReport commented on Jun 9, 2019

If you previously install KoolReport with composer then you only need to change package name from old koolphp/koolreport to new koolreport/core and run composer update. If you install the KoolReport by download manually, you can just download the new one and change the require path to new one located at "/path/to/koolreport/core/autoload.php"`.

The Card widget is free and already inside the new core 4.0.0, its full class name is \koolreport\widgets\koolphp\Card

paulo commented on Jun 10, 2019

thanks, The update worked, but now my laravel integration is not working. I am getting: "Trait 'koolreport\laravel\Friendship' not found"

and composer require koolreport\laravel

Could not find a matching version of package koolreport\laravel. Check the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package is available in a stability which matches
your minimum-stability (dev).

KoolReport commented on Jun 10, 2019

Please try koolreport/laravel

paulo commented on Jun 11, 2019

thanks. I was able to install the pro-version and it seemed to have fixed the issue. thanks

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