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Collapse level doesn't work on PivotMatrix #909

Open Luis Rubén González Cuevas opened this topic on on Jun 7 - 2 comments

Luis Rubén González Cuevas commented on Jun 7

Hi, I am experience a problem with PivotMatrix.

I have just made sure I am using the latest versions of the packages. On a PivotMatrix report, i'm trying to implement the collapse level to start the report with the collapsed information, but it doesn't work.

I try with the code in the documentation but this only work with a PivotTable and I understand it should be work with both

    'rowCollapseLevels' => array(0),
    'columnCollapseLevels' => array(0, 1, 2),
            "dataStore" => $dataStore,
            "id" => "pivotMatrix1",
            "columnCollapseLevels" => array(0),
            "rowCollapseLevels" => array(0,1,2),
            "rowSort" => array(
                'cuenta' => 'asc'
            'width' => '100%',
            'totalName' => 'Total',
            'headerMap' => array(
                "cuenta" => 'Cuenta',
                "estacion" => 'Estación',
                "semana" => 'Semana',
            'paging' => array(
                'size' => 20,
                'maxDisplayedPages' => 5,
                'sizeSelect' => array(20, 50, 100, 500)

Kind regards,


David Winterburn commented on Jun 10

Hi Fernando,

It's regretted that until Pivot 6.0.0 'rowCollapseLevels' and 'columnCollapseLevels' haven't been added to PivotMatrix yet. What we have is "partialProcessing" in the Pivot process:

->pipe(new Pivot(array(
	'partialProcessing' => true, //default = false

This would prevent PivotMatrix from initially expanding all fields and is useful when you have a lot of fields and data.

Update: We've just released Pivot 6.1.0 which supports 'rowCollapseLevels' and 'columnCollapseLevels' for PivotMatrix. Please install and try it and let us know if it works for you. Thanks!

Luis Rubén González Cuevas commented on Jun 18

Thanks David! It works like a Charm!

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