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Koolreport and Laravel server side pagination #873

Open daniel nanboe opened this topic on on May 15 - 5 comments

daniel nanboe commented on May 15

Hi, I have the koolreport module together with the Laravel integration module. The problem is that when I try to activate the server side pagination. There is an ajax request made the returns an 405 error. Without server side is working but is very slow with many entries.

Is there anybody there using this function with laravel?

Thanks. Daniel

David Winterburn commented on May 16

Hi Daniel,

Which method (GET or POST) did you use for the datagrid's server side processing? By default it's GET but If it's POST please set up the POST method for your route in Laravel's web.php as well. Let us know if the problem remains. Thanks!

daniel nanboe commented on May 16

Ok the problem if we just define the route we get an ajax response with the page (html)

David Winterburn commented on May 17

Hi Daniel,

Just define the route, the DataTables widget should be able to extract updated data from the your html response. May I ask if you set the "name" property for the DataTables widget because it needs an unique name to update its data?

    'name' => 'myTable1',

Let us know the result. Thanks!

KoolReport commented on May 17

Please check your route for GET and POST

This will help: Laravel throwing MethodNotAllowedHttpException

Basically the pagination of DataGrid will send request to the same laravel route and may be the route does not accept the connection method . Please enable both GET and POST for your route.

daniel nanboe commented on May 20


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