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Table format not working and tooltip for KPI indicators #870

Open Rajesh opened this topic on on May 15 - 1 comments

Rajesh commented on May 15

Hello Koolreport,

Based on your help on the topic "https://www.koolreport.com/forum/topics/826", we created the below image table with KPIs using second solution. But, the table does not look formatted. Below KPI table image is how it is showing up.

KPI table image:

We used "use \koolreport\widgets\koolphp\Table;" package in the code and the table layout as


        "table"=>"table table-hover table-bordered"

Also, we are trying to show custom tool tip for above KPI indicators. When you hover on the arrow, it should show the values as below:

Rev Prev Day :$25512

Rev Prev 2nd Day: $25000

Difference: $512 (Value should be green when positive and value should be red when negative)

Could you please help us with above two issues?



Rajesh commented 6 days ago

Hello KoolReport,

Can you please let me know?

Thanks, Rajesh.

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