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Can not change the check box value #660

Open Eugene opened this topic on on Feb 8 - 14 comments

Eugene commented on Feb 8


I spent some time to find the reason but no success. I have checkbox list on my page with one checkbox and it works nicely until I try to set the defaults parameters

After that it blocks all changes - I can tot change the checkbox value - it returns to the default every time.


                            "name" => "viewVsbox",
                            "data" => array(
                                "vs" => "2",

use \koolreport\inputs\Bindable;
    use \koolreport\inputs\POSTBinding;

    protected function defaultParamValues()
        return array(
            "viewVs" => array('2'),

    protected function bindParamsToInputs()
        return array(
            "viewVs" => "viewVsbox",

UPD I noticed if I set an empty array as a default value (means the checkbox is off) I can change the settings after that but if I set it like in my code I can not.

KoolReport commented on Feb 9

That's strange. Let me make a test and come back to you.

KoolReport commented on Feb 9

It is not strange anymore. I find the issue. Problem is that if there is no selection, data will not send to server, so server will use default values. I will tell the dev.team about this.

Eugene commented on Feb 9

:-) thanks.... next version or later? ;-)

KoolReport commented on Feb 11

Will be included in next version.

Eugene commented on Feb 11

thanks... looking forward

Eugene commented on Jun 29

It looks like this issue has not resolved...

Eugene commented on Jul 3


i bit long for priority support as i think...

And also i have unanswered email please check

KoolReport commented on Jul 3

Sorry for the late reply, this issue has been solved in version 4. I have just tested again the case and all seems fine. You may have a look at "tests/_cases/inputs/checkboxlist" test case.

Eugene commented on Jul 3

It looks like another Safari's "feature". This issue still exist in this browser but in Chrome all is fine

KoolReport commented on Jul 4

Thanks for letting us know. I have told dev.team about this issue.

Eugene commented 6 days ago

Hi, have you found any solution for this Safari issue?

My boss uses Mac and Safari... so it is difficult to move him to another browser only because of some my reports... :-)

Eugene commented 5 days ago

Maybe it helps I get the following notification in Safari Console if i use checkboxes or radio buttons

KoolReport commented 5 days ago

Thank you very much!

KoolReport commented 5 days ago

Thank you very much! We will keep you udpate.

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