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How to integrate Koolreport with SuiteCRM #586

Open paul opened this topic on on Jan 8 - 1 comments

paul commented on Jan 8

I would like to integrate Koolreport into SuiteCRM, which is an open source MVC CRM platform based on SugarCRM.

I would want the following:

  1. Only users logged into SuiteCRM should be able to access Koolreport reports

  2. Reports should display embedded inside SuiteCRM with the SuiteCRM menu bar and other UI accessible at all times.

Thanks in advance for your help.

KoolReport commented on Jan 8


Yes, you can add "koolphp/koolreport" into the composer.json of SuiteCRM and get KoolReport installed. You create new folder to hold the reports. Please consider a report as a class. It will not work until you create object of report class and render it.

So the solution is that you detect the user login and when user login, you will create report object and render content.

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