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Could not execute phantomjs' in /koolreport/packages/export/Handler.php #479

Open kapil opened this topic on on Sep 24, 2018 - 14 comments

kapil commented on Sep 24, 2018

Shell_exec command is running but still its giving this error. I updated source and output path to be absolute and relative both but no luck. Please reply back

KoolReport commented on Sep 25, 2018

Could you please try to use command line to run this below command to see if phantomjs is working.

phantomjs --version

Also, many time the phantomjs have not had the permission to run so please make sure that it has.

kapil commented on Sep 25, 2018

[root@ticketgateway bin]# phantomjs --version bash: phantomjs: command not found...

This is what i am getting.

KoolReport commented on Sep 25, 2018

Please run it inside "koolreport/packages/export/bin" folder.

kapil commented on Sep 25, 2018

Yes I m at that location

[root@ticketgateway htdocs]# cd ..../libraries/koolreport/packages/export/bin [root@ticketgateway bin]# phantomjs --version

KoolReport commented on Sep 25, 2018

So have you copy the "phantomjs" execute file to this folder?

kapil commented on Sep 25, 2018

Yes there is file in bin folder phantomjs.exe

KoolReport commented on Sep 25, 2018

You have to download correct version of phantomjs for your OS. If your server is Linux then you need to download the linux version. It seems to me that you are using phantomjs for Windows.

kapil commented on Sep 25, 2018

Source file not found this is the error now i m getting

KoolReport commented on Sep 27, 2018

Could you please send me the whole error

Jason commented on Nov 6

I have downloaded the linux OS executable and copied into the /export/bin directory and i get the same error, phantomjs command not found.

KoolReport commented on Nov 7

Hi Jason,

You get error of "phantomjs not found" or "could not execute phantomjs"?

Jason commented on Nov 7

"Could Not Execute phantomjs ".

KoolReport commented on Nov 7

If possible, please install phantomjs on your linux system. Here is the guide to install on ubuntu. After install phantomjs, you set the phantom path to the settings() function when you do export:


Here is the documentation,

By the way, another good option is to use our CloudExport. If you use CloudExport, you do not need to install anything, you only need to register the chromeheadless.io service.

Hope that helps. Anything please let us know.

Jason commented on Nov 7

Thank you. I will try this and get back to you ASAP.

We anticipate that this might be used in some places that are isolated from internet connection, so we hope that the Export will allow us to render on the local linux server versus needing a Cloud based service.

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