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User management #402

Open Ashok opened this topic on on Jul 31, 2018 - 3 comments

Ashok commented on Jul 31, 2018

Does KoolReport have user management capabilities? From the examples I don't see this feature. could some one answer me? We are looking for a powerful reporting BI framework with user management capabilities for our organization.

KoolReport commented on Jul 31, 2018

KoolReport is sole framework for reporting so it does not have user management capability. You may use KoolReport together with Laravel because Laravel provide user authentication.

KoolReport focuses only on creating report so you can do the user management by yourself and then base on user role, you generate correct report for the role. KoolReport can received parameters so you can transmit the user information as report parameters and based on those information, you can expose authorized information in report.

Ibrahim commented on Feb 11

how to use middleware auth in koolreport laravel?

KoolReport commented on Feb 12

Let say you create a report inside each action of laravel's controller. By this way, you can apply the auth for each action. As a result, it will transform to auth for each reports. Hope my answer helps.

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