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How to display table's data outside the table? #40

Open tee opened this topic on on Jul 28, 2017 - 1 comments

tee commented on Jul 28, 2017

Hi KoolReport,

Table as shown below were generated by KoolReport's table function. I would like to ask whether i can display the data of date_range (Period : 2017-07 to 2017-07 (28/07/17 Fri)) next to (Date Range :) on the above of the table instead of displaying inside the table? How can i do it? Thanks a lot.

KoolReport commented on Jul 28, 2017

Oh sure!

First, do not display date_range column in Table. You can do it either list only 3 first columns only or exclude the "date_range" column with excludedColumns in Table

Second, read data from dataStore:

$row = $this ->dataStore("my_data_store_name")->pop();
echo "Date Range:".$row["date_range"];

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