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Visual Query Package table not loading properly #3314

Open danamojo opened this topic on on Jul 8 - 4 comments

danamojo commented on Jul 8

Visual Query package sometime getting loading issue, after this we can't add new table, filter etc, can you please it, thank you.

Sebastian Morales commented on Jul 9

We haven't been able to replicate this issue. Pls open your browser's dev tool's Network tab and refresh the VisualQuery page to see if any js file has error loading when the issue happens.

danamojo commented 5 days ago

Hi Team, thank you for response, This issue coming on bootstrap 5 not Bootstrap 3, on Bootstrap 3 it's working fine, so can you please check issue on bootstrap 5?

I have checked browser's dev tool's Network, all files loading

danamojo commented 5 days ago

This type of issue coming earlier as well, please check the forum URL https://www.koolreport.com/forum/topics/1751

Sebastian Morales commented 4 days ago

There is a chance when you load jQuery multiple times in your page, which could cause multiselect rendering error. VisualQuery already loads jQuery by itself, thus, pls remove any other separated jQuery tag in your page.

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