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Upgrading from 5.9.0 - can't get past 5.16.1 #3310

Open Keith Burke opened this topic on on Jun 11 - 11 comments

Keith Burke commented on Jun 11


I'm have a site on 5.9.0. Upgrading direct to the latest 6.5.0 was a disaster. However, I narrowed down one of my issues to a problem with 5.16.2.

When I upgraded to 5.16.1, all appeared to work. However, on 5.16.2, no data shows in the DataGrid. I don't get any errors, just no data except for data in my BSelect.

I'm using MySQLDataSource with PHP 8.2 and DataGrids.

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 12

Pls update to a new version, then open your datagrid/DataTables report page with dev tool (F12) opened, reload the page and see if there is any red line error message in the console. If there is any, pls copy the whole error stack trace for us to check it for you.

Keith Burke commented on Jun 12

Upgraded to 5.16.2 and followed your instructions. There are no errors in the console and no data in the DataGrid. There are warnings, but there are warnings on 5.15.1 when things work perfectly, too.

Keith Burke commented on Jun 12

It's also not a caching issue. I removed all assets from /assets/kool-assets [my custom assets folder] , ran the report again and still no data nor errors.

Keith Burke commented on Jun 12

I've tried PHP 7.4, 8.1 and 8.2. Problem persists with all of these PHP versions.

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 12

Pls post your DataTables' create code as well as some of your data sample if possible. Try to use an array as datasource or some of our DataTables' examples to see how they work.

Keith Burke commented on Jun 12

So, using array, everything worked well. With this in mind, I started looking at vendor/koolreprt/core/src/datasources/MySQLDataSource.php

The problem is in this file and specifically the prepareAndBind function. This is the only function that changed in this file between 5.16.1 and 5.16.2.

If I upgrade to 5.16.2 and replace MySQLDataSource.php with the 5.16.1 version, everything works perfectly. I'll dig a little deeper to find out why 5.16.2 is broken for MySQL.

Keith Burke commented on Jun 12

Upgrading to the latest KR Pro 6.5.0 and copying over 5.16.1 MySQLDataSource.php appears to fix all problems too but it's a very brief look over a few reports.

Keith Burke commented on Jun 24

Any update on this?

Sebastian Morales commented on Jul 2

I think there could be a bug with MySQLDataSource in some older versions, such as 5.16.1. If you could use a newer version without issue that would be good. If you must use 5.16.1, copying and overwriting MySQLDataSource from the latest version to 5.16.1 would be one solution. Let us know if there's any issue with either way.

Keith Burke commented on Jul 2

Unfortunately not. The problem persists in the latest version. Using MySQL from 5.16.1 would be a short term fix but future upgrades would be very difficult to automate.

Is there an ETA for the fix?

Sebastian Morales commented on Jul 3

Would you mind sending us your report's setup code including sql query and params (via email to support@koolreport.com if it is confidential), which don't work with MySQLDataSource in the latest version?

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