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Koolreport pro can't install in laravel 9 #3306

Open Giri Rajan opened this topic on on May 28 - 5 comments

Giri Rajan commented on May 28

Hi Kool Report Team, We require assistance for koolreport pro installation in laravel 9. we have follow the instruction from Install Commerical Packages With Composer from koolreport portal but facing some issues while install it. Please check below screenshot.

Sebastian Morales commented on May 28

It looks like your PHP installation did not have the gd extension, which is required by koolreport/barcode package. Pls add gd extension to your PHP and try to install KoolReport Pro again.

Giri Rajan commented on May 28

I have enabled extension=gd at php.ini file and update composer then following error showing.

Sebastian Morales commented on May 29

It looks like Laravel 9.19.0 conflicts with your PHP version 8.2.12. You must either choose Laravel 11 for PHP 8.2 or change to an older PHP version such as 8.0 if you still need Laravel 9.

Giri Rajan commented on May 30

Hi Team, I have installed Laravel 11 and integrate koolreport pro same issue occur

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 3

Ah, it seems there is also a dependency conflict between Laravel 11 and our koolreport/blade package. We will provide an update for koolreport/blade to solve this issue soon and let you know.

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