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Memcache #3267

Open eMaX opened this topic on on Mar 18 - 1 comments

eMaX commented on Mar 18

Hi Team,

I've a question regarding memcache.

I'm following the instructions here, and I do know that I have memcached working correctly as I use it also for my own queries. I want to also use it for queries that I pass on to datatables. So basically, I have this:

$this->ds = new \koolreport\datasources\PdoDataSource(...);



which I pass on to

 "dataSource"     => function () {
                    return $this->ds->query($query)->params($params);

Now it works all well, but it does not use the cache.

I'd actually even rather like to just pass on a result set to my datatables content, but my understanding is that I'd then have to also implement serverside myself. Like I've a number of graphs that I display too, and their data is fetched from the database and then cached. That works fine.

When I experiment with the cache in the report, so here...

use \koolreport\cache\MemCache;

class MyReport extends KoolReport
    function cacheSettings()
        return array(

and e.g. I don't put the right port, nothing apparently happens. So it's not even trying to use it.

Any idea how to use a datatable with the cache?


Sebastian Morales commented on Mar 20

Pls try to use MemCache as a trait inside your report class like this:

class MyReport extends \koolreport\KoolReport
    use \koolreport\cache\MemCache; // add this trait use here instead of outside the class

Let us know how this works for you.

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