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Pivot Table Formatting #3190

Open Katherine Wong opened this topic on on Nov 20, 2023 - 1 comments

Katherine Wong commented on Nov 20, 2023


For the column that highlighted with yellow, may I know how set the formatting

"type" => "number", "decimals" => 0, "thousandSeparator" => ",", "decimalPoint" => ".", "align" => "right"

For the negative value, can it display bracket rather than sign "-" ?

Please advise.

David Winterburn commented on Nov 21, 2023

You can try PivotTable's map property to modify both the yellow (row header) and red (data) parts:


For the row header map, you can check $headerInfo parameter to see its field name to decide whether to format its to numeric type:

    'map' => array(
        'rowHeader' => function($rowHeader, $headerInfo) {
            print_r($headerInfo); // for the first time run, print out $headerInfo to see its data structure and value
            return $v;

For the data map, you can check if its numeric value is negative to convert.

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