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"Pro" License - Benefit? #3182

Closed eMaX opened this topic on on Oct 25 - 10 comments

eMaX commented on Oct 25

Hi all, what's the benefit of a Pro License? I've subscribed, a renewal comes up, but wonder what the benefit actually is.

KoolReport commented on Oct 26

Hi eMax,

The pro subscriber has the following benefits:

  1. Access to all commercial packages and even the future one without extra cost.
  2. Right to use with unlimited projects, install on unlimited server and deliver to commercial product (with pro included) to unlimited customers.
  3. Access the priority support
  4. Access to the new version with upgrade and bug fixes during subscription time.

Let us know if you need further information.

eMaX commented on Oct 26

"Access to the new version with upgrade and bug fixes during subscription time."

Does this mean, no updates otherwise? So far there don't appear to be that many updates over the last year (I haven't downloaded even one I think)

KoolReport commented on Oct 28

That's great to hear that our library works well that you don't even need the upgrade. We support customers and during that process, we record bug fixes and features that benefits all. Then we apply them to the new upgrade.

If you are happy with current version and do not need upgrade and support anymore, thinking of add-on Perpetual Usage. This will allow you to access the library at anytime and use forever.

eMaX commented on Oct 28

Thanks for your reply. I already have

1 x KoolReport Pro Developer License 1 x Dashboard Framework Developer License 1 x Perpetual Usage, Upgrade and Support For Developer License

so that should allow me to get updates, if I understand you correctly?

Thanks again

KoolReport commented on Oct 28

Oh, if you purchase the add-on "Perpetual Usage, Upgrade and Support For Developer License" together with subscription then you will have life-time usage, upgrade and support. Basically, buy once use forever with support and upgrade.

eMaX commented on Oct 29

Hmm. Then I wonder why I got an upgrade message inviting me to pay up after one year.

KoolReport commented on Oct 30

Oh I see, please ignore the notification email from 2checkout. It is because 2checkout does not have perpetual option so we have no way to set. I've checked your account again and you have forever license. We are so sorry for the misunderstanding.

eMaX commented on Oct 30

OK, so they're not going to charge then, right? Was just a bit confused. :)

KoolReport commented on Oct 30

Yeah, they won't charge, we have disabled the auto-renewal as well.

eMaX commented on Oct 30

Thank you.

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