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Latest PivotExtract #3043

Open Mike Carroll opened this topic on on May 5 - 4 comments

Mike Carroll commented on May 5

I believe the latest PivotExtract has a bug; the aggregates from the pivot are not being carried thru and are showing as 0; your example page shows this bug as well I believe.


Sebastian Morales commented on May 6

Thanks a lot for your information. We have fixed this issue and will release an updated version for the Pivot package in the next week. Cheers,

Mike Carroll commented on May 16

Wanted to follow up and see if the corrected version has been released?

Sebastian Morales commented on May 17

We will try to release it as soon as possible, but if you need the fix right away pls send us an email to support@koolreport.com or support@koolphp.net. We would send you the latest updated version of Pivot package to address this. Rgds,

Sebastian Morales commented on May 22

Mike, we sent you an email last Thursday but it seems you haven't got it. We have just resent the email. Let us know if you still don't receive it. Rgds,

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