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Cant set startDate or endDate in DateRangePicker in Laravel view #3012

Open Brahim Stewart opened this topic on on Mar 14 - 2 comments

Brahim Stewart commented on Mar 14

Hi Im trying to set the start and end date when a page loads to specific dates in Laravel 8 view.

When I load the page it just shows todays date.

	"startDate"=>Carbon\Carbon::create(Carbon\Carbon::now('Australia/Melbourne')->subYear()->year, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 'Australia/Melbourne'),
	"endDate"=>Carbon\Carbon::createMidnightDate(Carbon\Carbon::now('Australia/Melbourne')->subYear()->year, 12, 31, 'Australia/Melbourne'),
Sebastian Morales commented on Mar 16

Pls use "value" property as an array [ $startDate, $endDate ] instead and let us know the result:

	"value"=>[$startDate, $endDate], //$startDate and $endDate are date strings
Brahim Stewart commented on Mar 16

Thank you this worked

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