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How to enable data table server side processing for large CSV file #2955

Open Jathin opened this topic on on Jan 20, 2023 - 3 comments

Jathin commented on Jan 20, 2023

We are trying to integrate data source from a large file csv, its crashing the browser. How can we implement the data table server side approach for csv files.

Tony Hartmann commented on Jan 23, 2023

Import the content of the csv into a database like mysql or into a temporary sqlite db stored on the disk. Then afterwards you can query this source via mysql and do paging via limit and offset.

Would be interesting to know though if koolreport has an option to "query" a dataStore that has all its data in an array structure.

Jathin commented on Jan 24, 2023

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the update. We have concern since the CSV is more that 15 MB. Its crashing the browser memory while taking in to koolreport.

Tony Hartmann commented on Jan 25, 2023

Hi Jathin,

I recommend you upload the file in a koolreport independent process then quickly dump the content to a sqlite database. Once done you can start with the koolreport part using your temporary db as a source, then use service side processing (paging) to put as less load to the browser as possible.

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