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Dashboard | Export/Excel package #2937

Open Ilze Pabērza opened this topic on on Jan 11, 2023 - 5 comments

Ilze Pabērza commented on Jan 11, 2023


Is it possible to set borders for Excel table if using Dashboard Export Excel engine? By default no formatting is set.

Best Regards

Ilze Pabērza commented on Jan 12, 2023

My current code:




class PaymentTable extends Table
    protected function dataSource()
        return AutoMaker::table("orders")->limit(10);

    protected function fields()
        return [

I would like to add borders and header in exported Excel:

Could you please help me with code? Thank you in advance.

Ilze Pabērza commented on Jan 12, 2023

Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 12, 2023

Unfortunately this is currently not possible with Dashboard's excel export. We will find a solution for you soon. Rgds,

Ilze Pabērza commented on Jan 20, 2023

When are you planning to get back with solution? Thank you!

Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 27, 2023

Sorry for the delayed reply. We have had Lunar New Year for the past week.

Regarding this issue, we are looking for a good solution. Pls send us an email to support@koolreport.com / support@koolphp.net. When we have a development version solving this we would send it to you to try. Tks,

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