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Datatable search filed not working . #2877

Open manish opened this topic on on Nov 17 - 3 comments

manish commented on Nov 17

Dear koolreport team,

I am using koolreport datatable in my reporting project ,datatable is working as aspected but only problem is that when searching in its search box it workes for only first word .

kindly help me on this .

Thanks & regard Manish .

manish commented on Nov 17

Dear team kindly update on the same .

Sebastian Morales commented on Nov 21

You can change DataTables' search mode, which is "smart" by default, to "exact" and see if it's what you want:


    "searchMode" => "exact", //"smart", "or", "and", "exact"
manish commented 6 days ago

Dera team ,

Thanks for answering , That is working fine now.

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